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Did you know that according to IDC the big secret behind why some businesses achieve more than others is that 84% of business is done through referrals?

Did you know that only 10% of companies have any form of referral program?

Did you know that 92% of people trust referrals from people that they know and those are four times more likely to buy?

These are the key factors that eliminate competition, price inequality and truly differentiate. Collectively this is what will drive clients to you.

You have a simple, stark choice: you either want to build your referral network or you don't.

Build Your Network

Your network is probably the most valuable thing you have. Who looks after it? Now you have options.

Manage Your Referrals

Your Referrals are probably the most valuable lead source you have, isn't it high time you looked after them?

Capture More Leads

With all the goodwill going around, isn't it time you started capturing more leads too?

Discover the only professional referral system

Referrals are not just ultra low cost, reputation enhancing or "buzz" creating! They are the professions preferred way to do business. For good reason! They employ every day word of mouth and done well, go viral! You’ll find you will get referrals in ways you might never conceive.

There is nowhere else you can go where you can truly systematise the referral process. As, quite simply, it's never been done before.

Build out your network

Cultivate referrals

Capture more leads

Available on-the-go and at your desk 24/7

Referrals are the most valuable and important method of getting the very best business - and they come free!

Don't leave your referrals to chance!

Yet the very best in sales know that the best tactic is to cultivate referrals all day long. It builds reputation and costs so little, no wonder many consider it their secret sauce! Well, why should you miss out?.

Cultivate your own 'secret sauce'

Know how to ask without asking, when, why and what works. Organise your private army - to enhance your reputation and find you new business. All without taking tons of time, without spending on advertising and as it works by invitation only, the odds of spam are much reduced too.

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Fingertip Control

Why choose Star Referrer?

Fully responsive

All your best, most active contacts only ever a finger tip away, 24/7. Whenever you think of them, you can contact them.

Frequent updates

Our unique newsletter is designed to keep you in touch and completely up to date. This your opportunity to build the best network in the world.


The amount of expert support available is unprecedented. The software consolidates hundreds of years of effort.

Keep In Touch

Staying in touch with your best business providers has never been so much fun, so easy and so possible.

Fast and powerful

Software with a light touch. To work effectively on mobile it comes with a quiet bedside manner.

Cloud storage

Everything is backed up, encrypted and load balanced, meaning you always get high security and uncompromised high speed access and accuracy from wherever you in the world through devices you choose to use.

The best pricing plan ever!

You might be surprised to learn that access is free.

You may be wondering what's in it for us? First of all there is the satisfaction of helping to build a better world. This is a platform designed to help all those that are just starting out. For those that want more collaboration, more communication and more automation there's an easily affordable path that provides supportive training and a regular communications program with campaigns you can run that ensure you are able operate to the very top of your game and maximise your time and relationships to everyones satisfaction, where everyone wins.

First we want to invite you in to play, and when you like what you see, you and we will be ready.

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Get on the waiting list, we have some questions for you. Find out if this is for you, it is not for everyone as it is down to you to build your network out.

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Start with our free plan, or take the route that provides more collaboration, more communication and more automation on an affordable path with supportive training and communications program with campaigns you can run.

03 Work It

There's just three steps to take which are designed to make you and your network look good. After that, all you have to do is let your closest contacts know what's up so you can focus on your business.

Word Of Mouth Starts Here

Do you really know what your customers say about you?

Star Referrer can help you discover what you need to know and more importantly: show you how to use it.

Isn't it time you commanded the conversation?

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